Spruce (Picea)

Picea abies (Norway Spruce)

The deer-resistant Norway Spruce grows to 60 feet tall, though Morning Star offers many cultivars of the species for purchase of all different shapes and sizes. Spruce trees grow best in sun and well-drained soil.

'Vermont Gold'

This low-to-the-ground spruce has year-round yellow needles and reaches a mere one foot tall (and three feet wide) at maturity.

'Perry's Gold’

This dwarf cultivar was discovered and first propagated in Vermont in the early 1990’s.  Welcomes the spring season with its butter-yellow needles and reaches 4 feet tall after 10 years of growth.

Picea pungens (Blue Spruce)

'St. Mary's Broom'

A dwarf blue spruce that only reaches one foot tall.

'Ruby Teardrop'

Makes a statement with its bright red-magenta spring cones that provide a stark contrast to the teal-blue needles.

Picea orientalis (Oriental Spruce)


A powerful upright, cone-shaped form that matures to 20 feet tall. Short, dark green-black needles. Spring’s new growth comes through as bright yellow.


Discovered in 1950 in what is now New Jersey’s Ringwood State Park, this cultivar is a golden conifer showing off bright yellow needles. Grows to 15 feet tall after ten years. Young trees may require protection from full sun, though quite tolerant once matured.

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