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Stonework & Wooden Structures

Morning Star also offers a variety of landscape services. Since 1993, Scott has been designing and constructing dry stonework and garden structures such as walls, stone stairs, stone patios, wooden pergolas and arbors. His exquisite work is a result of him being, as Laurie has defined, “A Nature Artist.” Scott has a gift for studying a landscape and creating magnificent constructions. Stonewalls are built using traditional British techniques that incorporate “heart and batter.” Based on his clients’ preferences, Scott either utilizes materials found on the property or uses supplies that are bought-in. Either way, the end result will add an exceptional level of beauty to your property.


Contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation.

Stone & Wood Anchor
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Honey Anchor

Organic Honey For Sale

Morning Star offers honey for purchase which is harvested from the bees that pollinate our plants.


Contact us for more information about buying honey.

Education Event Anchor

Educational Events

Over the years we have hosted many lively educational events for Master Gardener groups, garden clubs, plant-swapper groups, nature museum classes, and public information sessions. If you are interested in having us host your group for an after-hours event, we will offer a discount on purchases and promise to have an entertaining and enlightening discussion! Education is a focus of our business with individual customers too. During your search for that perfect perennial or woody plant, we will be happy to offer our expertise regarding plant selection and answer any questions you have. It is important to us that the plants you purchase are appropriate for your garden’s conditions. We work hard to grow healthy plants and we want them to continue to stay just as healthy once they get planted in your garden!

Contact us for more information or to schedule your group. 

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