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Biloba (Ginkgo) Trees for Sale

Native to China and considered to be a living fossil, the Gingko tree or "maidenhair tree" was brought over to the US in the late 1700’s. This stunning tree is one of the most distinct deciduous trees for your landscape. Growing up to 70 feet tall, the male ginkgo makes a great shade tree with its canopy covering about 30 feet at maturity. The fan-shaped, bright green leaves turn to yellow in the fall. Ginkgo trees can live up to 3,000 years and they grow in hardiness zones 3-8.

'Jade Butterflies'

Slowly grows to 12 feet tall. Its leaves resemble butterflies with jade green wings that turn golden yellow in the fall.

'Snow Cloud'

Has eye-catching cream and green variegated foliage that provides nice contrast to its landscape. The right balance of sun and shade is critical for ‘snow cloud’ to maintain its variegation. Being a newer cultivar in the maidenhair tree family, its size at maturity is still unknown, but expected to be 5-10 feet tall after 10 years with an irregularly-shaped spread of about six feet. 


A dwarf deciduous conifer that grows in a dense habit. Reaches three feet tall when mature.  

'Robbie's Twist'

A narrow, upright form with twisting, contorted branches. 


Slow-growing with branches forming an irregular habit. Uniquely-shaped leaves have a split down the middle.


Growing compact and upright with curled leaves that turn bright yellow in the fall. Grows to about 20 feet tall.

'Weeping Wonder'

A newer cultivar that has a mind of its own! Displays different leaf forms including normal Ginkgo leaves, curled leaves and variegated leaves, and has branches growing in every direction. Reaches six feet tall. 

'Golden Globe'

A larger cultivar that provides excellent shade and makes a statement in your landscape with its perfectly round form and unique leaves that turn a beautiful golden yellow in the fall. 


Variegated, yellow and green foliage. Grows to about eight feet tall after ten years.

'Chi chi'

Multi-stemmed growth habit. Develops protrusions on the trunk. Reaches 20 feet tall.

And more!

Scott has many additional ornamental ginkgo tree varieties available. Please contact him with questions! 

(802) 289-3135

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