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Metasequoia glyptostroboides (Dawn Redwood) Trees for Sale

Thought to be extinct until rediscovered in a remote valley in China in 1941, the dawn redwood is an ancient, deciduous conifer that grows to 70-100 feet tall at maturity. The tree’s feathery soft, green needles turn a radiant peach-bronze color in the fall before shedding for the winter. The dawn redwood requires little maintenance and has little pest or disease issues. Growing beautifully in very versatile soil conditions, it withstands harsh New England winters in hardiness zones 4-8.


A dwarf dawn redwood with creamy white nettles forming a dense globe structure.


Striking gold and yellow foliage, grows to ⅔ the size of the species at maturity.


Has a narrower and more compact form. Grows to 50 feet. 

Please contact us with any questions regarding which tree is best-suited for your landscape, or questions about Morning Star’s redwood trees available for purchase.

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