Fir (Abies) Trees for Sale

Abies koreana (Korean Fir)

This slow-growing evergreen conifer matures to 20-30 feet tall. The tree’s soft green needles with white backing and its purples cones create a beautiful contrast of colors in your landscape.

Abies concolor (White Fir)

The white fir tree is an evergreen conifer that’s native to western North America. Growing 30-50 feet tall, the species has attractive needles that are blue-green or silver-gray. Firs are adaptable for numerous landscape uses.

Abies nordmanniana (Nordmann Fir)

Growing up to 200 feet in the wild and 60 feet cultivated, this Turkey native species boasts dark green needles and sweeping branches.

'Golden Spreader'

A type of Nordmann Fir, this wide-spreading dwarf cultivar with bright yellow foliage grows about 3 inches each year. Grows best in partial shade, as too much sun may scorch the foliage.

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