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Our Plant & Shrub Catalog

We sell over 700 varieties of Vermont-hardy perennial plants including deciduous and coniferous trees, evergreen shrubs, flowering and herbaceous perennials, ground covers, vines, ferns, and shade plants. This includes hard-to-find specimen plants that Scott grafts himself. Custom grafts can done by request. If it’s an “old favorite” you’re seeking, we have those, too!

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Perennial Flowers

Perennials need to be planted just once and will return year after year. Morning Star specializes in rare, hardy types that can endure harsh Vermont winters.



Shrubs will add color and privacy to your garden, are easy to maintain, and range in types from deciduous, herbaceous, flowering, evergreen, and more.

Woody Plants

A unique woody plant can add tons of character to your garden. Many are exotic in appearance and make your landscape stand out.

Shade, Ground Covers, Ferns & More

Shade plants need little or no sun to thrive. Given the proper growing conditions, these plants will enliven your low-light gardens areas.

We have what you need!

Call Scott and ask about any of your plant needs. Or just stop by!

(802) 289-3135

Find your perennial inspiration below! Featured plant species are just a small sampling of the hundreds of plants we offer. All images are from Morning Star.

Heuchera/Heucherella (Coral Bells/Foamy Bells)

Agastache (Hyssop)



Hibiscus (Rose Mallow)

Sambucus (Elderberry Shrubs)

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