Pinus (Pine)

Pinus contorta (Lodgepole Pine)

Native to high elevations across North America’s west coast, this evergreen conifer’s cultivars vary in size and shape and commonly have irregular branch structures.

'Chief Joseph'

Showing off winter golden needles, this cultivar is a statement-maker in New England’s snowy landscape. Spring and summer needles take on a lime-green coloring. Slow-growing, reaches four feet tall and two feet wide after ten years of growth.

'Taylor's Sunburst’

A very rare and challenging to propagate cultivar discovered in the Rocky Mountains. New growth emerges as a bright yellow color, creating a look of magnificent frosted-tip branches.

Pinus parviflora (Japanese White Pine)

Native to Japan, the many varieties of the Japanese White Pine form soft, clustered needles and have a unique look that makes them stand out in their landscape. Prefers well-drained soil and full sun.


A unique dwarf Japanese white pine with new growth creating a variegated cream-yellow-green hue.


Slow-growing, sweeping branches with year-long yellow needles. Grows to four feet tall and three feet wide after ten years.

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