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Southern Vermont's #1 Tree Nursery & Rare Plants

About Morning Star

Scott and Laurie Bolotin

221 Darby Hill Rd
Rockingham, VT 05101

(802) 289-3135

Open every day 9am-6pm

April through late fall


Not your typical nursery, with not your typical plants! We’re Scott and Laurie of Morning Star, a family-owned plant and tree nursery in Rockingham, Vermont. We offer many rare and hard-to-find varieties of perennials and woody plants. We’re colorful, just like our plants!


Morning Star also specializes in unique trees that Scott grafts himself. In addition to classic plant favorites, we have a robust offering of uncommon perennial flowers, distinctive ornamental woody plants and hardy shrubs, and other rare garden plants that make your landscape stand out. Our southern-Vermont perennial farm and nursery is bound to have whatever tree, perennial, or shrub you’re looking for.

At Morning Star, we are passionate about caring for our organically-grown plants and trees. We began cultivating in Vermont in 1999 and we currently offer over 500 varieties for purchase. Whether you are a beginning gardener or an experienced landscaper, we can meet your unique gardening needs.

Having a personal relationship with our customers is the heart of our business. 

We give each customer the same care and attention that we show our well-nurtured plants! Gardening groups are welcome, and wholesale accounts are available for landscapers, retail businesses, or large projects. Gift certificates are available at any time. Call or email to order. 

Follow your passion for gardening and journey up Darby Hill to visit our beautiful Southern Vermont farm. We are confident that our vast assortment of hardy plants and rare collectibles will delight you.

Ornamental Trees, Organic Apple Orchard & Other Fruit Trees for Sale

Scott has been grafting trees for over 30 years, providing customers with the most exceptional centerpieces for your landscape. He specializes in a wide variety of genuses, including Larix (Larch), Pinus (Pine), Picea (Spruce), Abies (Fir), Fagus (Beech) and Acer (Maple). Many trees are contorted, weeping or have variegated foliage. Additionally, we have many fruit trees available for purchase, including apple (over 50 varieties with many heirlooms), pear, peach and cherry trees, plus raspberries, blueberries, and kiwi vines. Scott will happily escort you around our grounds and show you his one-of-a-kind specimens. Walking through the farm you will come upon apple trees in our orchard with up to 50 varieties of apples on a single tree!


Buy Garden Perennials, Shrubs, Flowers & Exotic Woody Plants

Because our plants are grown outdoors in healthy soil that has been composted on the premises, the garden plants we sell have strength and vitality. We fertilize with an organic fertilizer and we foliar feed with a seaweed spray. This distinguishes us from most garden centers that constantly feed their plants with chemicals through their watering systems. The perennials and shrubs grown at Morning Star are hardy enough to withstand Vermont’s harsh winters and, with proper care, our healthy plants are sure to transition well from our farm into your gardens!

Call Scott and ask about any of your plant needs. Or just stop by!


(802) 289-3135



Browse our orchard and pick your own during the Fall season.

Or buy your own trees to take home and grow to maturity. Aside from apple trees, we sell pear trees, cherry trees, kiwi vines, raspberries, blueberries, and more! Scott has been grafting fruit trees for more than 40 years.

Find your garden inspiration below! Featured plant species are just a small sampling of the hundreds we offer. All images are from Morning Star.

Hibiscus (Rose Mallow)



Beeches (Fagus Sylvatica)


Sambucus (Elderberry Shrubs)


Agastache (Hyssop)


Picea (Spruce)

Pinus strobus tree “Sea Urchin”.JPG

Pinus (Pine)

Hours Of Operation

Open 7 days per week


Call Us:

802-289-3135 (primary)


Email Us:

See our location here.

Other Services

In addition to our plant nursery and orchard, Morning Star also offers landscape and gardening services. Those include professional stonework by Scott, honey for purchase, and educational events held on our property. Scott also offers on-site tree pruning services in the late Winter and early Spring months. Call and ask about these services.

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